I bought a 10 class pass last year and went yesterday for the 1st time. And I loved it!! Great 1st class. It's been a long time since I have done yoga and looking forward to getting back into it. So glad this was my 1st class. Absolutely loved the teacher!!!!...Read More

Sally Carter, VA Beach


Such a nice, clean, cozy yoga studio with great, knowledgeable and caring instructors teaching classes for EVERY BODY. The studio is involved with the community and offers workshops, classes with live music, events on top of what has to be around 30 classes weekly. Super friendly for beginners and good for seasoned practitioners too...Read More

Slothful Yoga


I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to bring my mom into the studio for the gentle class on Tuesday. She is 82 and uses a cane. She is not physical at all and has never taken any kind of exercise class, but she has been asking me to take her to yoga ever since I started teacher training. Catherine was so kind and made my mom feel like she completely belonged there. I was absolutely blown...Read More

Adria Drew, VA Beach