I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to bring my mom into the studio for the gentle class on Tuesday. She is 82 and uses a cane. She is not physical at all and has never taken any kind of exercise class, but she has been asking me to take her to yoga ever since I started teacher training. Catherine was so kind and made my mom feel like she completely belonged there. I was absolutely blown away by Catherine’s incredible example of how to be a true yogi – it was just so natural and from the heart. She changed her class up on-the-fly to accommodate a “unique” client, giving her modifications that allowed her to keep up with the class, made her feel so welcome, and provided her an opportunity, at 82, to experience yoga. I am so thankful that we came in – I learned more from Catherine about what it truly means to be a yoga instructor in that hour than I ever expected. Please extend my gratitude to her. She made my mom feel really wonderful, and showed me so much! Namaste!

Thank You!

Adria Drew, VA Beach