Our Relax Yoga class is a Strala-inspired lesson that guides you through a relaxing flow that is designed to help you release the mental and physical stress and tension of your day-to-day routine. Integrating this type of yoga into your life is one of the best ways to naturally improve blood flow, boost your energy levels, and achieve a harmonious balance between your physical and emotional wellness. Visit our online course schedule or contact our yoga studio today to learn more about this unique class and how it can benefit you!


The Benefits Of Strala Yoga

Based on a Swedish word that means “to radiate light,” Strala is an innovative yoga practice that goes far beyond your standard poses. Developed by choreographer and classical ballet dancer Tara Stiles, the calm connected movements of Strala yoga are the key to activating your body’s relaxation response. The wide range of benefits from this cortisol- and stress-reducing practice include:

  • Long, lean muscles that are strong and graceful
  • Improved focus and connectivity, allowing you to easily enter flow state
  • Stronger immune system, higher energy levels, and less stress
  • Greater confidence levels
  • Improved physical health and mental well-being

These are just a few of the common benefits our students and teachers have reported when practicing consistent Strala yoga. Enroll in your class today to see the transformative power of this amazing flow for yourself!

If you are hoping to release muscle tension and achieve beneficial levels of relaxation, be sure to check out our yoga studio in Virginia Beach. In addition to relaxing Strala-inspired classes, we offer a Core class that focuses on abdominal strength and a women’s-only Kundalini class. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi, you’re sure to find the right level of classes in our wide variety of offerings. Call 757-333-0049 today to book your class!