Bored by typical yoga classes? Tired of repeating the same poses day after day? This relax flow yoga class for you. At Collective Yoga in Virginia Beach, we want to give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga without the frustration of sitting still. No two classes are the same, so you can explore new poses with every new session. Clear your mind, strengthen your body, and try this dynamic style of relaxing yoga.



Vinyasa yoga focuses on the movement between postures, or asana, rather than the act of holding those postures. You flow between poses and connect your breath to the movements of your body. In vinyasa yoga, the transition between poses is just as important as the poses themselves. It is a great choice for beginners who may struggle with holding postures for a long time. If you are more experienced with yoga and you are used to a more static practice, this can also be challenging new form to try.

This style of active but gentle yoga challenges you to bring intention to every moment of your yoga practice. We encourage you to be conscious of both your breathing and your body. For those who may struggle with traditional forms of meditation, vinyasa flow is a good alternative to explore. It is easy to let your thoughts run away from you when sitting still, but vinyasa flow curates a concentrated mind-body connection. It is a form of “moving meditation” that helps you focus and let go of stress while also building strength and flexibility.

Unlike other yoga classes, where you only experience a few poses or sets of poses in a single class, the flow of vinyasa will expose you to many of the different postures used in yoga. Every class is different. This variety will help you balance your body and prevent injuries from repetitive motions. It is also a great opportunity for those new to yoga to see what options and variations work best for them.

Whether you are a beginner looking for an introduction to the basics, or an experienced yogi wanting to add variety to your routine, our relax flow class is a great option. Explore our schedule to try other relaxing yoga classes at our Virginia Beach location, like yin yoga or our Sunday night candlelight flow class. New to Collective Yoga? Sign up today with our new student special offer to get a week of unlimited yoga classes for only $25!