Hatha Yoga


Need more zen in your life? Come to our relaxing, gentle Hatha Yoga class and learn how to practice calming poses while learning to control your breathing and thought processes. If you are looking for a class that is designed to be relaxing and restorative, our Hatha Yoga class is perfect for you. You can also attend this class if you’re just beginning your yoga journey and want to learn how to strengthen your body, mind, and soul while enjoying the restoration of the practice. Contact Collective Yoga today to get started and to schedule a time to attend a class!


Most forms of yoga in the United States are Hatha yoga. The word “hatha” is a combination of the word “ha”, which means sun, and the word “tha”, meaning moon. Hatha is the yoga of balance, designed to calm your body, soul, and mind, and help you to meditate with a clear outlook. You’ll be sure to enjoy a Hatha yoga class and detox from a day filled with emails, to-do lists, important tasks, and other parts of your day that can be stressful and overwhelming.


Hatha Yoga is a great place to start because you can choose what you want to focus on when you begin class, finding a calm and relaxing mindset to help you practice and hold the poses. Not only will you leave class with a renewed outlook and calm mind, but your body will feel alive and awakened from the poses that are specifically chosen to align and strengthen your muscles. Hatha Yoga is an excellent choice for everyone at every level. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or an interested novice, you’ll love how calm and relaxed you feel every time you leave class.

If you’re interested in attending a Hatha Yoga class at our Virginia Beach location, contact us today to sign up!