The Collective Yoga Gentle yoga class is truly restorative and ideal for the attendee who has limited range of motion, muscle stiffness, disabilities, chronic illness, or simply wants to take part in a class that is created to be a place for relaxation and nurturing. This is also an excellent class to attend if you’re particularly stressed out, experiencing emotional distress, or struggling with anxiety. The goal of this class is for the movements to be slow, the breathing to be calm, and the atmosphere to be full of kindness, love, and compassion.

Nurture Your Body, Mind, and Soul

The basis of a Gentle yoga class is acceptance and understanding aimed at your body, heart, emotions, and soul. This class is not created to be difficult, challenging, or intense. Through the repetition of easy-to-remember movements and simple postures, you’ll find yourself relaxing and your body calming down. As the flow continues, more emphasis is placed on stretching and aligning your body correctly so you can end class with a renewed perspective. Collective Yoga’s Gentle yoga class is inclusive and perfect for all ages and levels of practice. You are more than welcome in this class if you’re interested in being in a restorative, soothing, and compassionate environment. While only a few poses may be taught and the focus will be placed on restoration of your body, soul, and mind, you’ll be sure to come away with a calm heart and open headspace.

Relax With Us

Come to Collective Yoga’s Gentle yoga class the next time that you’re searching for restoration in a recharging environment. Whether you struggle with physical ailments, emotional difficulties, or simply feel like you need a break, fill out our online form to learn more about this class or give us a call now. All ages and levels are welcome, and we look forward to leading you in a journey of love, compassion, and acceptance when you attend our Gentle yoga class. Sign up today!

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