Yoga Basics


Are you interested in trying the art of yoga? Our Basics yoga class here at Collective Yoga in Virginia Beach is the perfect place to begin. Ideal for the student who has little to no experience in the practice or for the individual who hasn’t been to class in awhile and is interested in getting back to basics, this class is designed to teach the core aspects of yoga and simple breathing techniques. Come to class ready to be inspired, uplifted, and calmed by our easy poses and breathing techniques. If you’re ready to begin your own personal yoga journey and reap the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of all that yoga has to offer, sign up for class today!


Our Basics yoga class is designed to teach proper alignment of the spine, correct placement of the feet and arms, and how to breathe through the poses. Further, we want you to have a spiritual experience that cleanses and revives your soul, so this class will focus on learning to empty your mind from all of the stresses and thoughts of today’s world and fill it with kindness, hope, and love for yourself and those around you. Whether you’ve never taken a yoga class before or you’re coming back to the practice, participating in our Basics class here at Collective Yoga will be sure to delight your senses while strengthening and aligning the body.


Yoga was created to bring healing and wholeness to the mind, body, soul, and spirit. If you’re alive and breathing, then you can practice yoga! There are many different forms and classes of yoga. Some are intense, some are calm, and some are relaxing. Remember, yoga is your own personal journey. Just like many other parts of life, your experience is personal to you. If you’re interested in beginning your own practice of yoga because you’ve always wanted to, are simply curious, or want to enjoy the health benefits, then Collective Yoga is for you! Our Basics class is a great place to start and a wonderful way to begin your own path to finding the best form of yoga for your personal needs and goals.

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