All Level Flow


Created for all levels, this flow-based class is created to focus on proper breathing techniques and increase heart health and fitness. Vinyasa, otherwise known as flow, is meant to help connect your body with your breath and yoga poses. By moving quickly through the flow, you’ll increase your body’s heat, endurance, and strength while focusing on grounding and centering your mind and soul. This class is excellent for the student who has taken a few classes and is interested in increasing his or her endurance and exercising the heart.


Vinyasa yoga is focused on taking the student from the beginning to the end of the practice safely and effectively. The Sanskrit word means “within prescribed parameters by placing the body in a special way”. This form of yoga is meant for the student to practice consciousness to every movement and moment during the class. In essence, this means to plan and think about each movement before it’s executed so that the entire flow is one steady stream of consciousness. While this may sound exhausting, it actually clears and relaxes the mind by focusing it on one task. Vinyasa has been popularized by yoga instructors and now is a definer for many forms of yoga classes. As its basic level, it’s designed to steadily increase the breathing, heart rate, and blood flow of the student so he or she experiences the healing and restorative qualities of the practice of yoga flow. All Level Flow is a great place for students of all levels who want to practice alignment, strength, endurance, and breathing while practicing mindfulness and awareness of their surroundings and bodies.

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