If you’re interested in starting the practice of yoga, it can be overwhelming to choose a place to begin. Attending a beginner’s yoga class is a great place to start, but you’re probably left wondering about the practice and how it can benefit your life. In this blog, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about yoga so you can know more about this ancient practice. If you’re interested in a beginner’s yoga class, come to Collective Yoga. We understand that trying out yoga for the first time can be intimidating and overwhelming for most people, so we promise to do our best to create a safe place to learn and enjoy this amazing regimen that will calm and open up your mind, emotions, and body. Call today for a class schedule!

What are the Benefits of Doing Yoga?

The practice of yoga is an extremely holistic approach to health. It focuses mainly on the well-being of the mind, body, and soul. You might only notice that you’re relaxed and have a new outlook on life after your first class, but if you choose to stay with the practice, the benefits will be manifold and it will become a way of life. Yoga will help you to be more grounded and relaxed, while also enjoying a calmer mind and soul.

Can I Lose Weight by Practicing Yoga?

Yoga isn’t a workout class, so if you’re looking to join a class that will help you to drop a few pounds, then yoga isn’t for you. That being said, yoga does help you to work on your mind and soul, which will affect your body as well. If you’re trying to lose weight, yoga might not be the best choice for your everyday workout, but will be a great supplement to your newfound attitude for health and wellness. A gentle class is a great practice for a “rest day”, when you want your body to recover from intense exercise but you would still like to move and feel rejuvenated.

How Often Should I Practice?

In a perfect world, you should be doing yoga every day. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to squeeze in a class if you’re a busy working parent with countless responsibilities. Set a goal that you know you can realistically keep. If that means that you can only show up for one class a week, we completely understand and respect that. If you’re able to attend more classes, then by all means, come as often as possible.

I’m Not Flexible at All. Can I Still Practice Yoga?

You probably have seen intense poses on social media accounts and feel like you shouldn’t even try to attend a yoga class. Everyone starts at the beginning and you shouldn’t let that intimidation stop you at all. Yoga is path for everyone and you are on your own individual path. If you can’t do a pose the first time, it’s okay! Your body will learn and by attending more and more classes, you’ll become more relaxed and experienced.

What Should I Wear?

Clothing that you feel comfortable in and isn’t restrictive is the best choice for a yoga class.
Stretchy pants or shorts and a loose-fitting top is a great place to start. Refrain from wearing scented lotions and perfumes out of respect for other attendees, and leave your cell phone in your bag or your car.

At Collective Yoga, we want you to be relaxed and enjoy the practice of yoga and its effects in your life. Contact us today to schedule your first class! We look forward to seeing you!