At Collective Yoga in Virginia Beach, we’re proud to offer women’s only Kundalini classes at our yoga studio. Also known as the “yoga of awareness,” Kundalini yoga features an array of breathing exercises, physical postures, chanting, and meditation practices. When you sign up for one of our Kundalini yoga classes, you can expect to:

  • Feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed
  • Boost your energy levels and enjoy greater levels of physical well-being
  • Transform your life and relationships to feel more fulfilled and satisfied
  • Have greater feelings of productivity and creativity

Through Kundalini kriyas and deep meditations, we find our depth and look within ourselves for our security, identity, and strength. We become ourselves—to understand what it means to be a woman—the sensitivity, grace, power, and nobility that we can manifest simply by virtue of being born a woman.

Using poses, breathing techniques, and meditation, the practice of Kundalini Yoga helps to harmonize body and mind while also helping to strengthen the nervous system. This enables us to harness the energy of the mind and our emotions, so we are not controlled by our thoughts and feelings, but rather we can respond gracefully with deeper awareness to all that life offers. Our Kundalini yoga class is appropriate for women of all shapes, sizes, and levels of expertise. Visit our class schedule online or contact us today to learn more!

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

When you integrate Kundalini yoga into your normal routine, you’ll quickly realize the benefits this unique practice has to offer. According to the Kundalini Research Institute, “The primary objective [of Kundalini] is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. Clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.” Some other benefits of Kundalini yoga include:

  • Kundalini yoga teaches students how to gain a strong immune system and nervous system while also improving blood circulation. All of these benefits can help you look and feel younger!
  • The practice of Kundalini yoga can help you to fortify and expand your electromagnetic field or aura. This is the energy field that surrounds you and alerts you to positive and negative influences in your environment.
  • Kundalini yoga will teach you how to calm your mind and develop your intuition so you can realize what is really important to you. This will allow you to make decisions based on your highest self, so you don’t make decisions out of confusion and strife.
  • Through the use of sacred chant music, Kundalini yoga can have profound effects on your overall sense of health and well-being. As you regulate sounds through the use of mantra, breath, and rhythm, you will begin to experience feelings of immense joy in your heart and soul.
  • Practicing Kundalini yoga can help you to move on from attachments that are keeping you stuck in your past. Kundalini yoga can help you clear your subconscious mind so you can see things clearly.

If you live near Virginia Beach and you’re looking for a yoga studio to take your yoga practice to the next level, be sure to visit Collective Yoga today. In addition to our Kundalini yoga classes, we also offer a variety of classes that are suitable for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogi. Whether you’re looking for a basics yoga class to get you started with your practice, a Hatha yoga class to relieve stress and tension in the body, or a core class that focuses on your abs, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect class at our yoga studio.