At Collective Yoga, we celebrate diversity and all of our differences. Our instructors do not strive to make everyone look the same in any pose. Instead, we encourage everyone to find their own variation, their own “shape” of each pose, while still practicing safely.

In our studio it is common to see our teachers practicing alongside our members. Why is this? Because we truly love our space, the vibe, the friendships, our community, as well as the creativity and freedom that we experience in our individual practices.

What does it mean to #practicecollectively?

* Everyone is welcome.

* We celebrate diversity.

* EVERY BODY is encouraged to find their own variation of a pose or sequence; it’s your Yoga, your practice, your body.

* Feel amazing inside and out by moving, thinking and feeling for yourself. In turn, this amazingness will radiate out to others.

* Teachers strive to get to know each student and we encourage community and connection.