Strala-inspired basics class is great if you are just getting started with your practice. It’s also a wonderful routine if you just want to get back to basics. Experience comfortable movements in your body in a relaxing and easygoing way. You will build strength and a healthy range of motion, while focusing your attention calmly on your breath.

Beginner Flow

Vinyasa (flow) inspired class that is open to all levels. We flow at a slower pace while still focusing on linking your breath with your movements. Class is beginner-friendly and many modifications are offered. You will break through mental obstacles as you strengthen both the body and the mind.


Strala-inspired very gentle and restorative routine – the movements will release tension, open up your body, and calm your mind into relaxation. Take your time in each movement and stay easy and relaxed with your breath as you flow gently.


Strala-inspired class where you will let go of stress and tension from your body and mind as you move through this relaxing flow with ease.


A calming, stress-relieving yoga class to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Emphasis is on building awareness of the breath and the body. Asanas are practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and detail. Recommended for all levels.


Balancing passive, floor poses for 1-3 minutes along with the meditative aspects of breath and stillness will help you achieve peace in the body and mind. This hour on a Friday night can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety, enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.

All Level Flow
Class is designed to move the body and focus on the breath. Vinyasa (flow) is faster-paced with emphasis on linking your breath with the movement. This practice builds strength, stamina and increases cardiovascular fitness.​


Core Yoga is a flow-based class with a particular focus on ab work. This class is open to all levels and consists of traditional yoga poses, challenging mat fitness moves that will strengthen your abs and mobilize your spine.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a fun and creative Hatha flow. Firm up your muscles, free up your joints, tune in with your breath and relax your mind while rocking out to an energetic mix of tunes! Class will be followed by a Happy Hour – bring your own beverage and enjoy a Friday night in great company. Everyone is welcome!


An intermediate Vinyasa style class focusing on building strength and balance through movement as well as focused attention via breath work and building heat from within.

Chakra Flow

Get in touch with your subtle body as you explore one of the seven Chakras each week through a flow of hand-picked asanas (postures). This class will offer a balance of mat work and standing flow/postures. Modifications will be offered. and beginners are welcome.

Candlelight Flow

Slow vinyasa class surrounded by candlelight. Designed to wind you down and relax you from the weekend while preparing you for the upcoming week.

Stretch & Strengthen (S&S)

Stretch & Strengthen yoga class is geared towards gaining flexibility & strength throughout the body while exploring resistance stretches and proper alignment in YIN/YANG poses. S&S is gently paced to encourage exploration of each pose within your body where you are today. Beginner – advanced practitioners welcome!

Relax Flow

A steady stream of Yoga poses (asana) designed to revitalize body and mind. Poses are carefully sequenced to enhance energy from root to crown.

A faster paced flow class where your breath is linked to your movements. It is preferred, but not required, that you have taken at least one or more yoga classes beforehand. You will leave class feeling stronger, focused and rejuvenated to take on things with a calmer focus.

A deep, meditative yoga for Women only. Uses poses, meditation, and breathing techniques to center the body & mind.